Dell E5420 E6420 Windows 10 Drivers

In the basic version of Dell there should be only 2 unknown devices in Device Manager.

If drivers won’t install automatically you have to install it manually choosing any .inf file from driver directory.

The first one is O2 Micro OZ600xxx Memory Card Reader Driver

Download driver for Windows 10 (DRVR_WIN_R300787.EXE – it works on win10):
and unpacked version:

The second unknown device is ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor:

Tested driver on Windows 10 (Chipset_Driver_RCHTX_WN_2.00.10.34_A11.EXE):,EN&categoryId=CS
and extracted driver:


  1. you also have to download Audio drivers from DELL website as without them, builtin microphone will be not discovered and installed.

    • Thanks very much for supplying this information, I had two unknown devices on my E5420 and the links you gave were exactly the drivers needed for my system.

  2. great – worked forme too!

  3. The driver does not work on Windows 10 Home 64bit, build 1903. It installs properly, it did vanish from unknown devices, however it doesn’t display in computer window, nor as a drive.

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