Rescue from Marshall London HS-USB Diagnostics 9006 mode

After flashing Lenovo S60 from 4.4.4 to 5.0.2 (or 5.0.1) i ove got weird mode: Marshall London HS-USB Diagnostics 9006 and a lot of removable media.

In this mode you can access directly eMMC memory in phone. Use EMMC RAW TOOL to backup (read) all partitions!!!

Easy way: flash with MiFlash

Download and install: MiPhone 2.11.6 (MiFlash). (yes, just use miflash to flash lenovo)
Run MiFlash choose Advanced:
miflash flash
and browse for all correct files:
miphone miflash flash
Then click ok and in the main windows flash and wait.


Another way: eMMC memory
You can just read and write eMMC memory in this mode. I will use eMMC RAW Tool (source: ).

Backup IMEI
In this mode you can backup all partition. You should do that first! Click Read Selected Partitions. First Select gpt_main0.bin file.

Write partitions images:

  1. First do the read partitions!!!! Browse > Select gpt_main0.bin file > Click Load partition structure then read.
  2. Load GPT partition table. In write column Browse > Select gpt_main0.bin file > Click Load partition structure > Make sure in presets is MBR-GPT-OTHER > Click Write selected partitions:
    emmc raw tool partition structure
  3. Do the same with partitions image what you have. Choose preset, browse for correct file and click write selected partitions. Do not make a mistake (wrong preset with wrong image file).

    You can check correct files in rawprogram0.xml:
    filename="NON-HLOS.bin" label="modem"

    1. MBR-GPT-OTHER – gpt_main0.bin
    2. MODEM – NON-HLOS.bin
    3. SBL1 and SBL1BAK – sbl1.mbn and sbl1.mbn_sbl1bak

    Do not flash these, only do a BACKUP (read):
    There is a IMEI and other important settings!

    • fsc
    • ssd
    • DDR
    • sec
    • mrd
    • pad
    • modemst1
    • modemst2
    • fsg
    • persist
    • misc
    • config
    • keystore
    • oem
  4. After correctly writing images you can reset phone by pressing Power button for 10-30 seconds.
  5. Do the factory reset in recovery menu. (without it phone will stuck in boot, just press Vol+ and Vol- and pwr buutton, choose english and fuse wipe data, cache or choose power off and press vol- and connect usb cable, choose factory default)
  6. Flash again the same ROM which cause trouble, it should work now!


  1. please my lenovo displays penguin image after writing partitionswith emmcraw how do I fix

  2. I mistakenly deleted the imei through writing wrong files. is there anyhow I can fix it.

    • tosiek

      27.08.2016 at 12:00

      You can fix only if you first read all partitions (or you have another same phone).

  3. Hi,
    writing modem: error: write error .. Others files are OK .. any idea why?
    Lenovo Z90-7,

  4. how do I fix with another phone? can I download the partition from web?

  5. Respectively!
    i backup all the partition!
    Do i have to write only (MBR-GPT-OTHER – gpt_main0.bin
    MODEM – NON-HLOS.bin
    SBL1 and SBL1BAK – sbl1.mbn and sbl1.mbn_sbl1bak).

    Then flash the phone with the old firmware?

    • tosiek

      04.05.2017 at 13:02

      exactly – first load partition structure (gpt_main0.bin) then flash these images. Select always correct partition to flash (from presets)!

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