If you Acer Aspire E5 works very slow and system won’t go to sleep / suspend mode and it is restart when you try, you should update the bios.

There is one problem that deny to solve these problems. You can’t install new bios if you can’t run properly device called: Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface. This is like hardware DRM to check RSA signatures or something that disallow you to use your own device or set any advanced options in bios (for example turn on supported virtualization, wtf). That’s sick, acer shit.

I’ve tried to install all versions of driver for this device (from, to 2.x) but nothing work. I’ve tried to reinstall system and other systems it still not working. Acer won’t sleep (it restarts when waking up) and run slowly.

VID and PID of this device:

U can try to update bios form official site but you probably get error caused by malfunction of intel TXE:
insydeh2o secure flash error

InsydeH2O – Secure Flash

Error : Decompress failed!!!

Please press any key to reset system……

Solution: Update BIOS in Acer E5 Critical Mode

  1. Download BIOS from Acer site:
    for example verison 1.08
    BIOS Acer Update legacy VBIOS for UMA 1.08 9.8 MB 2015/06/10 Download
  2. Extract file called: Z5AL108W.exe with 7zip (right click on it &zip -> open as archive)
  3. There should be file with .fd extension: Z5WAL.fd or .bin isflash.bin
  4. Prepare the empty USB pendrive. Format it in FAT32 filesystem.
  5. Copy fd or bin file with changed names:
    (i do not know which one works, you should copy them in one time like on screen below (this is the same file with different names):
  6. Turn off your Acer Laptop, remove battery and unplug AC.
  7. Put prepared pendrive in one of USB ports.
  8. Hold: Fn + ESC keys, plug in AC Adapter and press PowerButton
  9. System fan speed will be 100%, this is CRISIS Mode.Screen will be black, power led will blinking. Do not disconnect AC adapter!!! Be carefully. U can try run crisis mode with battery for safety.
  10. Wait about 10-20 minutes that critical mode will find bios file. (why so long? probably it is looking for bios file in hard drive then on usb)
  11. Laptop will update bios and turn off. Done.

fd file has a rsa key and signed bios binary.


Info about Insyde BIOS recovery, Critical Mode, CRISIS Mode:

Updating BIOS to 1.08 solve all my errors: (original was 1.03 version)

  • Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface works properly on the same driver!!! (without any error code 10 or 37)
  • Sleep mode working OK
  • Acer is father then before, i did not change anything except bios
  • TXE is working so you can update bios form Official EXE’s installers