Dell Inspiron 3737 started beep one time in sequences: one beep->3 sec pause->one beep.

This was really quiet beeps. That means the bios is corrupted. You have to try flash bios.

Recovery BIOS Rescue procedure Insyde Dell Inspiron

Bios recovery  filename: VBW00X64.f?

I have no idea what mean question mark at the end. Probably it is for bios version but I found the name VBW00X64.fd in decompiled files with PhoenixTool:

Recovery filename Dell Inspiron

You have to download Inspiron_3737_A09.exe, run on any working computer. Wait for error and do not close! Go to temp directory and find isflash (isflash.bin, isflash08.bin, isflashX.bin)

Temp directory extract dell bios

  1. Copy renamed isflash.bin as VBW00X64.fd, VBW00X64.f  and VBW00X64.f09 and VBW00X64.f9, VBW00X64.fA09   to pendrive formatted as  FAT32 (uefi can read fat32 for older laptops should use FAT).  Just try all names with bios versions or something.
    USB bios recovery filename pendrive
  2. Unplug battery and AC power adapter
  3. Plug prepared pendrive to USB
  4. Hold END button (for other laptops could be Win+B  or Fn+F2, Fn+R then Power button)
  5. When holding END plug AC power,  CPU FAN should start at 100% and power LED should blink. Screen should be black. Without pressing power button.
  6. Wait about 5-30minutes (you can remove HDD but it won’t be faster because it is probably is not searching on HDD), laptop start beeping with 1 second pause that mean is searching for bios (it hard to know is searching or flashing these beeps are sound the same)
  7. After next 5 minutes laptop will beep with 2 seconds pause it means bios is flashing
  8. Wait for restart (sometimes it just shutdown but then wait few minutes to turn On again)

If something goes wrong you can repeat the procedure or flash with hardware programmer. Rescue flashing from usb restored my correct Service Tag after flashing dumped bios with programmer (with instruction below.)

There is something weird, A09 has older ME.bin than A08.

Extracted package with bios recovery renamed files A09:
It is not image to program the chip directly!!! The RAW dump is below.


Bios dumps BIN Dell Inspiron 3737

This is dump from SPI 25 chip:

dell inspiron 3737 5737 motherboard bios chip

I will use hardware SPI 25 programmer: CH341 with SOIC 8 clip. You can flash 3737 bios chip in circuit. Bios chip is Winbond W25Q64BV 8MByte/64MBit or similar.

You have to disassembly motherboard and remove the cmos battery.

For Motherboard  LA-9984P. Bios versions A04 and updated to A09. Service tag is: 8PFKPX1 (in hex: 38 50 46 4b 50 58 31 ) You should change it to correct one in HEX editor.


dell inspiron bios change service tag

This BIOS fits for:

  • Inspiron 17R (5737)
  • Inspiron 17 (3737)

Tested with Discrete AMD Radeon Graphics.

It should work on these laptops:
PlatformName2= Inspiron 3537
PlatformName3= Inspiron 5537
PlatformName4= Vostro
PlatformName5=  Inspiron 3737
PlatformName6=  Inspiron 5737

Dell Inspiron 5737 / 3537 / 3737 / 5537 Bios Collection

  • A01 5537A01
  • A02 3737A02
  • A03 3737A03
  • A04 2521A04
  • A05 5737A05
  • A06 5737A06
  • A07 3737A07
  • A08 3737A08
  • A09 3737A09

I can’t find A04, there is only raw dump of this version below. I have flashed from A01 to A09 on 3737 successfully. Only A08 and older has correct Me.bin (management engine image) for 3737.

Dell Inspiron Laptops beep codes

Beep CodesPossible Problem
OnePossible system board failure — BIOS ROM checksum failure
TwoNo RAM detected
NOTE: If you installed or replaced the memory module, ensure that the memory module is seated properly.
ThreePossible system board failure — Chipset error
FourRAM read/write failure
FiveReal-Time Clock failure, maybe cmos battery failure – just reset laptop and wait few minutes
SixVideo card or video controller failure or vbios
SevenProcessor failure
NOTE: This beep code is supported for computers with Intel processor only.
EightDisplay failure