Lenovo and Ericsson H5321gw, C5621gw and N5321gw on Windows 10

One more time i will describe, step by step how to make it work on windows 10. (GPS and 3G)

Download Section:

  1. Ericsson Firmware R4D02 for (H5321gw, C5621gw, N5321gw): grwq13ww.exe
    from lenovo:
    mirror for R8AX01_CXP9018817_1_mupdater.exe:
    Readme (Application Firmware R4D02, Protocol Firmware R3C11 )
  2. Drivers for Windows 10 Mobile Broadband Driver Version grwp05ww.exe. These drivers will not install GPS COM port!

    Mobile Broadband Drivers v8.2.5

  3. ThinkVantage GPS Version 2.81 from Windows 7:

    Readme Think Vantage GPS

  4. Ericsson H5321gw/F5521gw Mobile Broadband Driver for Windows 7: g1wo11ww.exe
    Version 7.2.5,,

    Mobile Broadband Drivers Ericsson AB (installer)

How to enable GPS COM port on windows 10?

Tutorial tested for H5321gw. You have install all these soft above:

  1. First you have to upgrade firmware to R4D02 (install win 7 on separate partition and update FW for modem) then run Win 10.
  2. Install drivers: Mobile Broadband Driver Version grwp05ww.exe
  3. Install ThinkVantage GPS Version 2.81 from Windows 7
  4. Run TvGpsApp.exe from:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\GPS Enabler if it will show this error:
    The GPS NMEA COM port is not available.
    thinkvantage gps nmea com port error
    go to next step.
  5. Uninstall 8.2.5 drivers with uninstaller
  6. Install 7.2.4 drivers. Yhe installer will install wmcore service that will allow run GPS.
  7. TIP: Select from disk and choose wwanuss.inf. Windows will search for correct device in other inf files.

    Manual install driver 7.2.4 for H5321 gw Mobile Broadband Device
    device in Device manager -> Universal Serial Bus TAB
    device manager gps lenovo thinkpad

  8. Install drivers 7.2.x for 3 new devices:
    • H5321 gw Mobile Broadband Device Management
    • H5321 gw Mobile Broadband GPS Port
    • H5321 gw Mobile Broadband Network Adapter
  9. Run again TvGpsApp.exe from:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\GPS Enabler\TvGpsApp.exe
    then click start, go outside and wait few minutes to get fix:

I have no idea what’s wrong with 8.2.5 drivers, only 7.2.5 works correct with GPS on port COM.

Some GPS apps wil recognize only COM1 to COM4 so you have change it manually in device manager to port from this range. (do not forget run ThinkVantage GPS)


  1. Obed Ulloa

    01.08.2019 at 21:44

    Hi! I’m looking around for half mini PCIE cards for a dell m4800 laptop and I was wondering if the H5321GW would be compatible with it.

  2. This tutorial is not working any more. I can’t recive GPS signal with ThinkVantage GPS Version 2.81 and driver version 7.2.5 on newest Windows 10

    My solution:

    – install newest driver 8.2.5 grwp05ww.exe from here

    – enable COM Port for 8.2.5 switching to engineering mode:
    1. Go to Registry Editor (Win + R -> regedit) ->
    2. Set cfExcludeIntf value depending on which mode to use.
    >> Engineering Mode:

    >> Normal Mode:

    COM Port is visible only in Engineering mode

    – restart

    – you have now H5321 gw Mobile Broadband Serial Port (COM X) in Device Manager

    – install VisualGPSView https://www.visualgps.net/#visualgpsview-content

    – go to Tools – connect to GPS – change port to X from device manager and baud rate to 115200

    – go to NMEA Monitor tab and type in the field AT*E2GPSCTL=1,1,1 and click SEND
    you should got in RECIEVE filed AT*E2GPSCTL=1,1,1 OK as response

    – in the same field type AT*E2GPSNPD and click SEND
    NMEA stream is started now in RECIEVE

    you can go now to Front Panel Status tab and wait for GPS fix, when you get 3 satellites in blue you should have a fix

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